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During our leisure time, we do many things like watch movies, play video games or read books. Some people have a hobby of collecting things like coins, stamps, paperweights, or even model boats. In this blog, we are going to focus on the hobby of collecting model boats.

This is an amazing hobby that people started having many years back. In the past, only the admirals and captains of ships used to collect these model ships as they were expensive.

These model ships used to be handmade so they were expensive and people, in general, couldn’t afford it. But after the industrial revolution, they were mass built and anyone could buy it and collect them as a hobby.

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You will now find ready-made model boats and ships. You can also find model kits. The kits are quite popular as you have to make the models on your own using the tools and instructions given and its fun doing it. The work is creative, and it boosts your cognitive activities.

People of any age can have this hobby. It is often seen that seniors are more interested in it. There are clubs where you can join and take part in various events. You can exchange your knowledge about model boats and ships with club members and spend some time together socializing.

When you collect model boats or ships, you get to know a lot about these ships. You learn about the manufacturer, how it is built, what capacity it has, any special event linked to it, and more. The story about these ships will fascinate you and you will feel proud to have one.

In this blog, you will read articles on how to collect model boats and the places you can look for it. You will know about the different kinds of model boats and get some advice on building model boats.

You will also know how to become a member of a model boat club and how to participate in various events related to model boats. You won’t find too many blogs related to model boats, so this blog will be a useful resource for you if you are interested in collecting model boats. We hope you will enjoy reading this blog.