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Collecting or building model boats is a great hobby. It needs creativity and you will have a good time making it. However, not many people have a good idea about how to collect these model boats or make them.

Here are some books on model boats that are worth reading if you are interested in this kind of activity.

Fundamentals of Model Boat Building: The Hull

By – John Into

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This book teaches you the various stages of hull construction. The book consists of hundreds of colourful photos that explain visually how to construct the boat. Various line drawings help to give you detailed plans about the construction of the model.

Model Boat Building Made Simple

By – Steve Rogers

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It is amazing how people made huge boats and ships with such great craftsmanship. Their contribution has not been forgotten and you can see the reflection of their hard work in model ships. In this book, you will learn how to create a model ship from lumbar pieces.

You will see pictures of the old wood model boats. The boats show the author’s appreciation of the design of these old boats.

Ship Modeling Simplified

By – Frank Mastini

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The author has spent years getting expert at model boat building. This book is ideal for those who are trying to get into the hobby of model boat building. The techniques are very simple, and anyone can make model boats by following the instructions the author has given. These books will help you to learn about model boat building. You will be able to become an expert at it after reading the books.